Title: 0371 - The Effects of Goal-setting, Planning and Self-monitoring (GPS) on Behavioural and Periodontal Outcomes: A Randomised Controlled Trial (RCT)


Koula Asimakopoulou (Presenter)
Kings College London

Matthew Nolan, Merivale Dental Practice
Claire McCarthy, Kings College London
Jonathan Newton, King's College London Dental Institute


Objectives: A three-arm randomised controlled trial examined the effects of a routine periodontal assessment consultation (TAU) vs. a risk communication intervention (Risk) vs. a Goal-Setting, Planning and Self-monitoring (GPS) intervention on periodontal disease patients’ clinical, behavioural and psychological outcomes.

Methods: Self-paying adults (N=93) who had previously been judged to have moderate to poor oral hygiene attended a dental practice in London, UK for a routine consultation. Intervention participants received an individualised calculation of their periodontal disease risk using the PreViser Risk Calculator either alone (Risk) or with a GPS behavioural intervention. Clinical (plaque and bleeding scores; pocket depths) behavioural (self-reported brushing and interdental cleaning) and psychological measures (beliefs about periodontal disease) were obtained at baseline, and then 4 and 12 weeks later.

Results: Plaque reduced significantly (p<.002) in both intervention groups but not in the TAU group, at 4 weeks, whilst bleeding showed the greatest reduction in the two intervention groups followed by the TAU group (p<.001) – these changes were maintained at 12 weeks. Self-reported interdental cleaning improved in the intervention groups (p<.02) but not the TAU group. Self-reported brushing and pocket depths showed little variation between measurement points. Disease risk and risk sores, as well as most beliefs about periodontal disease changed across time (p<.05) but not across groups.

Conclusions: A simple behavioural intervention using Individualised periodontal disease risk communication, with or without Goal-Setting, Planning and Self-Monitoring improves clinical outcomes and self-reported interdental cleaning over 12 weeks.

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UK Oral and Dental Research Trust and King's College London

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